eValidate Inc. headquartered in Birmingham, Michigan has been a leader of Software as a Service (SaaS) for the North American and the European automotive industry since 2002.

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eValidate Inc. provides professional IT outsourcing and software development services.

        Evalidate Inc.' vision and solution strategy is maximizingthe business value of software by transforming the unmanaged software development into a managed business process. Whether you already have processes in place, want to improve or are just getting started, eValidate Inc. provides excellence in software and services to enable you to structure software development as a managed business process. By taking control, eValidate' clients are no longer at the mercy of external business forces, ensuring that their organization becomes an equal participant in the shaping of IT initiatives across the enterprise.

        Successful execution of your software development plans requires more than just great technology. eValidate provides an integrated approach that addresses process, technology, and people skills to deliver significant improvement to software delivery performance.

        We are a software consulting company that generates ideas, evaluates business processes and helps our clients in formalizing an idea, application, or a process. We craft a unique information technology solution that delivers value and addresses all your business needs.

We offer the following range of high quality and cost-effective software development services:

  • Customized Enterprise Business Solutions
  • Database Development and Migration
  • Software Project Recovery
  • Embedded Software Development
  • Client-Server Applications
  • e-Commerce Solution
  • Website Development
  • Portal Development

    The list of areas of our project expertise is not limited to the above. Please click here to contact us to further discuss your needs and requirements.

  • News/ Announcements

    eValidate Inc is pleased to announce it has recently moved its headquarters to Birmingham, Michigan.

    eValidate is proud to announce its successful release of:
        ePPAP v2.0
        eValidate v3.0

    For the latest release or any questions, please contact us.